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Fast and extreme! - 91%

ad, March 29th, 2005

Say whatever you want about Myrkskog, but you have to admit that the band is exceptionally talented. The speed and brutallity are listenable miles away from the scene of crime and Seacthdaemons blast beats are insane! Superb drumwork are the right words to describe this multi-talent. Beside his drumming, he plays bass/vocals in Zyklon and did the vocals in the black metal project Odium. In other words: a marvellous musician. The guitarist/vocalists pseudonym is Destructhor and that is an adjective which describes the music perfectly: destructive. The chaotic guitar riffs and the infernal voice of this technician are not mistakeable. Myrkskogs riffs are pretty technical and very fast, but at the same time undescribeable catchy. The only catch about the guitar work is the fact that the production is not very good. Not bad either, but just average and a bit boring. Average is also a word to use when I shall inform about the bands lyrics. Some of them are acceptable and even interesting, but some of them really suck, like the verse on "Utter human murder" that cointains words like: Redneck, looser and other not-belong-to metal-like words.
One monument of the album that surprises me is that the bands bassist is capable to follow the the crazy guitar work, even though he prefers to use his fingers instead of the easier way, a pick. In my opinion, Demariel is a extremely underrated bass-player and his talent really deserves to be enjoied for the common world.
Myrkskog are on their way to perfection, but a link is missing and the band need to improve a bit to get the attention they deserve. If you are into hyperfast, brutal blackened death metal with strange gore lyrics, you should contempletate buying this great record, if not... well, check it out.
Personal favourites and outstanding tracks: Domain of the superior, Bleeding wrists, Over the gore. (and maybe the eardamaging outro)