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Slaughtering the Weak - 85%

NecrolordMessiah, June 17th, 2004

"Superior Massacre" is the sophmore effort from Norway's Myrkskog. The band contains members of Zyklon and Odium, two other Norwegian extreme metal outfits. This album finds Myrkskog sticking with what their good at: fast, brutal, and violent death metal. All of the instumentation is very tight and fluid, and its obvious that each of the members is very fluent at their instruments. The drumming is mind-numbingly fast during certain sections, and Desthructhor (Guitars, Vocals) has some crushing riffs throught the album. If theirs one qualm I have with the sound, its that the bass fades out of the mix sometimes during faster portions of the tracks. The vocals arent exactly thought provoking and deep lyrics, but then again that wouldnt fit the musical style that Myrkskog plays. Deep rattiling growls of death, torture, and untimely deaths are prevelant throughout the album. The intro and outro are rather odd electronic ambient/noise tracks with screeching and guttural screams in the background. Stand out tracks- Domain of the Superior, Over the Gore, Utter Human Murder.