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Return of the master! - 99%

Imperialtroll, April 1st, 2013

Almost seven years have passed since the release of the gem that is the band's debut album “Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning”. But the smith has been forging yet a new jewel of equal (if not even better) greatness in silence and precision.

And now, the Norwegian folk-black metal master is back with a brand new EP entitled “Sjuguttmyra”, featuring 2 new songs “Uttjent” and “Sjuguttmyra” and 2 remastered songs “De to spellemenn” and “Fela etter'n far”.

From the first spin you can notice the magnitude of growth the mastermind Lars Jensen has shown, both musically and production-wise; The EP is definitely more “metal” with extra growls and blast beats and incredible blackened riffs, but at the same time it hasn’t lost that tasty folkish tune that only Myrkgrav would possess.

The glorious clean vocals in “De to spellemenn” and “Fela etter'n far” sort of remind you of Ásmegin’s “Hin Vordende Sod & Sø”, but it still has its own incredible feel of uniqueness and strength, while the growling is beyond doubt one of the best in business! It’s well performed and sounds natural and unspoiled by modern methods of recordings, it almost sounds like it’s coming from the ancient spirits that dwelt in stones adorned by sacred runes, It’s just too good!

The drumming is also played carefully but brutally, it’s fast and heavy, offers a great deal of balance to the whole performance and fixates the tunes, and the riffs and bassline are well built around it, especially in the song “De to spellemenn” and it sounds somehow more superior to the original version that was released within the debut album back in 2006.

Fans of the folksy sounds have not been left empty handed, for the music in the EP is loaded with wonderful surprises; from violin flowing harmoniously around the guitar riffs, to glorious atmospheric keyboard pieces, they shine brightly but wisely, without ruining the mood for the songs or pushing too much “fun” within their essence. You can get this feeling mostly from the song “Sjuguttmyra” which (at some point) brings to mind some great bands such as the Swedes “Yggdrasil”. Still very unique and carries the distinguished mark of Myrkgrav.

The new songs bring lots of hope and excitement for the future, not only has Lars shown that he’s still got what it takes to create incredible new material, but also proves that he’s planning for something really big in the near future. And the old songs remastered carefully but brilliantly to give you a breeze from a beautiful past, and holds a promise for a brighter dawn, the dawn of Myrkgrav, over the old magical woods.