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Quite good, considering his age and so - 75%

KayTeeBee, February 26th, 2005

Myrkgrav is a Blackened Folk/Viking metal artist which is only 17 years old. To be honest, when I first got this album (before hearing it), I thought it would be some cheesy metal with a "basement" production, and with crappy riffs. Alas, I was wrong. The stuff I got was some pretty good Viking BM, and if Leidolfr keeps doing great stuff like this, then there's no doubt that this guy is the future of Viking Metal.

The riffs and the production are quite good, though sometimes the guitars' tone has a very generic feel, and the riffs do sound generic as hell, like in the beginning of "Svøpt I Helvetesild". So I have to admit, the first 2 songs on this demo were disappoiting. But it's at the third song where the real riffs kicks in. The vocals in "Tjernet" are evil as fuck, and the guitars deliver insane riff-after-riff work. This fest continues for the rest of the demo, especially with songs like "Under A Thin Veil Of Fog". That has to be the highlight of this demo. The vocals sound twice as evil as in the other songs, and the riffs sound like more work was put into them.

The disappoiting parts were like in songs like "Svøpt I Helvetesild", where the vocals are pure emo wanking around and they hide the distorted guitars. But overall not bad at all, I think that if this guy keeps working hard and keeps making his music better, he may release a legendary album some day.