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Interesting and relatively original debut - 72%

Andromeda_Unchained, September 11th, 2013

Up for inspection today is the interesting debut release courtesy of the talented Pete Morten (who some of you will no doubt recognize from Threshold or his stint in the now sadly defunct Power Quest). What’s immediately remarkable about The Interpreter is that the lion’s share of the material was recorded and, I would imagine, written by Pete. With the exception of the drums, he does pretty much everything here. Impressive.

What I really like about this album, and My Soliloquy on the whole, is that Pete isn’t trying to follow along with the current crop of prog acts who admittedly walk to similar beats. My Soliloquy, I feel, is more in touch with some of the pre-Images & Words style prog metal. This will definitely appeal to fans of mid-period Fates Warning, Psychotic Waltz, early Dream Theater, and of course Queensrÿche. That isn’t to say this is at all regressive, as The Interpreter houses a bunch of forward-thinking ideas, modern spacey soundscapes, and vocals that are very characteristic (theatrical in places). There are also a few ideas here and there which remind me of some more contemporary rock and progressive rock.

Couple the cool stylistic approach with Pete Morten’s wonderful grasp of song writing, and this is where I feel the magic begins to sprout on The Interpreter. Whilst at first I was a little bewildered by the album, repeated spins have continued to open up the material, which is rewarding, although it certainly requires a little more of an inquisitive listen. I wouldn’t say this is the kind of album you can just hit play and expect to reap immediate rewards (isn’t this why a lot of us choose prog though?)

I feel it would be remiss to point out standout tracks, as the album should be taken on the whole. I guess if you want to check out a track or two before buying then “Ascension Pending” and “Inner Circles” would be good bets. On the whole though, this is a promising release, and really hints at a cool future for My Soliloquy. For a debut, this is really well done, and certainly what I would say to be a true progressive metal release. Fans of the genre should really pick this up, just be prepared to invest some time with it; I can assure you it’s worth that investment!

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