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Surely you're doomed already? - 76%

gasmask_colostomy, August 21st, 2010

I'm of the opinion that this compilation has been rather misunderstood, particularly by the reviewers who have already commented on it. The basic principle is that it pools together the three early EPs that MDB released at the start of the '90s since they are pretty rare now due to the 12" format they were released on. The compilation 'The Stories' did the same thing, but is also quite rare nowadays. The bonus track version includes two songs from the 'Towards The Sinister' demo.

My first point is that, unequivocally, this is not a necessary purchase for all MDB fans. If you sneer at the early albums 'As The Flower Withers' and, to a certain extent, 'Turn Loose The Swans', this is really a waste of your time and money. Personally, early Bride is my drug of choice, so it's ideal for someone who was still in nappies the first time these songs were released.

The songs themselves are presented in chronological order, near enough, excluding the bonus tracks. What the listener can hear, especially from the 'Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium' EP is that MDB were once a death metal band and stumbled across a rather unique sound (the demo only contained half a track of real doom metal), meaning that there are no clean vocals though there are regular forays into faster sections. Anyway, I felt justified in buying the compilation after the first 30 seconds of the song "Symphonaire...". I would dearly love to have watched the looks on the faces of death metal fans as the medieval violin and harpsichord unfolded on their ears the first time they heard this. Equally, the looks of delight as they discovered a new kind of slow death, far more doomy than Obituary and darker too. The riffs aren't exactly special, except when the violin backs them up, but it's the aura of sickness and bitter melancholy that is generated by the slow pace and Aaron Stainthorpe's poisoned growl. There's a couple of death metal sections and the immortal proverb, "Make yourself all honey and the flies will devour you". Pure bliss.

For me the death metal leanings of the this EP rendered "God Is Alone" and "De Sade Soliloquy" fairly redundant, but exciting to listen to once or twice, since they're just pure death metal with tiny elements of Bride thrown into the background.

"The Thrash Of Naked Limbs" is a tad disappointing in comparison with “Symphonaire…” though still justifies your time due to some good riffs and the same mournful interplay between guitar, violin and vocals. The lyrics are what you might expect Aaron Stainthorpe to produce; both darkly poetic and curiously melancholic. Indeed, the final line, "I could die now and die happy" is particularly emotionally charged.

"Gather Me Up Forever", flicks back and forth between doom and death a few times but fails to get me as interested as “The Thrash”, though it has the stately feel that is missing from some of MDB’s earlier compositions. "Le Cerf Malade", however, is inessential, as it has an ambient, experimental feel to it which isn't entirely fitting for MDB and doesn't quite come off, though it is interesting and quite creepy at times, the sonic miasma polluting the ears before they get viciously raped by metal again.

"I Am The Bloody Earth" is a little better than "The Thrash..." but not quite as good as "Symphonaire..." since it's more typical Bride, with less death metal influence and great lyrics. The stop/start intro is effective and breaks up any monotony caused by the slow pace of the rest of the song.

The rest of the "...Bloody Earth" EP is curiously split up. There's no "Transcending (Into The Exquisite)" which isn't a huge loss since it simply takes lots of riffs from 'Turn Loose The Swans' and turns them into a bizarrely modern sounding song with electronic elements, which lacks atmosphere. "The Crown Of Sympathy (remix)" is disappointing, taking one of the best cuts from "Turn Loose..." and making it weaker, without changing the song a great deal. Stick to the original.

Strangely, sandwiched between the "...Bloody Earth" and the remix is "The Sexuality Of Bereavement", an unreleased song from the "Turn Loose..." sessions. I can only imagine the band didn't think it fitted with the rest of the album, because it's a great song, possibly my favourite on this disc and with an outside chance of being my favourite Bride song ever. There's one of the best interplays between violin and guitar, some really strong riffs, the whole thing reeks of atmosphere and despair and the subject matter is extremely fitting. Completely in harsh vocals, Aaron narrates a tale of a recently widowed woman, whose grief he finds strangely exciting. A really unexpected surprise for me.

The bonus tracks are not particularly exciting but, as the earliest Bride recording, are quite interesting in a historical sense. In all, 'Trinity' is a rather mixed affair, with some less than fantastic cuts, but some true stunners to balance things out. The three EP title tracks are essential listening for fans of the more deathly Bride and I would personally recommend "The Sexuality Of Bereavement" as being equally strong. 'Trinity' is a useful compilation which is well worth a few quid, though you won't listen to all of it regularly.

Trinity - 95%

ZeroNeo, June 10th, 2006

This album is surely something you can call unique. Its outside of the normal work of My Dying Bride. Which in itself is not a bad thing at all. Anyone who loved "As the Flower Withers" should love this album aswell. It is just as dark and slow. Other then the fact that the quality is not as good as on " As the Flower Withers" it is still a great album for a fan that loves hearing every kind of My Dying Bride ever released.

Though it is a fact that the riffs on this album are a lot less catchy and easyer compared to other albums. But the difficulty of the music isn't what makes music better or worse. Its the feeling behind it.
And if it's something this album has its feeling and emotion. I'd advice for anyone that is severly depressed or suffers from bi-polarity to not listen to this album to much as it is really depressed. Especially when reading the exellent lyrics together with the music.

Concerning the lyrics, they are a lot more different from the later albums such as "The Dreadful Hours" or more recent albums. This might have something to do with the fact that Aaron uses his growl vocals through all the songs. Meaning the lyrics are more dark and grusome.

Other then this, to me this album is great in its whole, maybe a bit worse in a musical sense but the feeling ballences this out.

Can you live through this? - 25%

HawkMoon, August 10th, 2002

'Trinity' is some kind of compilation of 3 old ep:s in My Dying Bride's back catalogue ('Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium', 'The Thrash of Naked Limbs' & 'I am the Bloody Earth'). Remember I said about 'Turn loose the swans' that if you listen to it too much you'll eventually kill yourself (although I didn't really mean it), but that's a great album nevertheless. This time I'm really serious. I think you'll only need one listen-through to take your life in this case (I managed though), cause this is about as doomy and boring it gets. Well ok, 'Lost paradise' by Paradise Lost is still the bottom line.

Doesn't matter how eager I am to find good riffs here, I only come up with a few when it's all done. It's not that the music is so slow all the time either (however it is a problem), a couple of songs are really oldschool death but it just doesn't suit them. The thing about for example 'Turn loose the swans' that makes me loving it, is that they do NOT play this slow and monotonous all the time, they keep coming up with excellent riffs and tempo changes are many. Variation is huge too, since Aaron switched between his growl and his clean singing. Here it's constant growling, which in this case (I do like growling if it's good) just makes me yawn.

Finishing the album though, is some good material at least. A remix of the brilliant song "Crown of sympathy", but this version sucks big-time. This album is nothing worth having except for extreme doom-enthusiasts who just gotta have it all