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Disappointing - 50%

mephisto_the_hairy, June 16th, 2003

Generally, MDB are one of my favorite bands. I personally think "Turn Loose the Swans" and "The Angel and the Dark River" are two of the best and most important goth/doom albums ever. But this album is a collosal disappointment. I really hoped for more when buying it, especially when being told by some that it was a return to form after the more experimental "34.788%... Complete." Perhaps it is a return to form in some ways, in that they returned a bit to their old style, but it is nowhere near the quality of old. The songs are boring, the riffs are uninteresting, and Aaron's vocals seem almost forced, and not anywhere close to his old greatness. The only songs that I thought were really noteworthy were "Into the Lake of Ghosts" and "The Fever Sea" (which is really only good because it does not go on long enough to get as boring as some of the other songs). I'm only thankful that the album was followed by The Dreadful Hours, as that was a true return to form and a wonderful album, but that's a tale for another review.