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Depressing beauty from My Dying Bride - 93%

linkavitch, February 16th, 2009

This is the only My Dying Bride album that I have heard to date, and I like it a lot. I like the depressing atmosphere it gives off and how this album is nothing but doom metal.

The vocals are one of the best aspects of the album. Aaron Stainthorpe and his black style shrieks and his doom growls, and the transaction between clean and harsh vocals is spaced out a bit by like ten seconds minimum so there aren’t and weird vibes when he switches styles. The vocals have a droning feature to them in the first three songs or so and that kind of irks me a bit, but I can let it slide because it’s only for about a minute.

The guitars are both good and bad. They have a low tune and are fairly heavy throughout, but they use those chugging riffs in most of the songs if not all at one point or another, and the bass just follows the guitar part in chugging riff songs. The low guitar tune and Aaron’s vocals over them however help in this factor.

The lyrics and the emotion they give off is the best part in the album to me. You can really hear the depressing and sorrowful vibe Aaron gives off every time he sings either with a growl or a moan, and the BM shrieks he gives off in the songs increase the intensity and the atmosphere of the song.

This is great atmospheric style doom metal. I know this is the only album from them that I had heard but I still love it. I want to hear their last album 34.788%... Complete now due to the fact that it is in a different direction than this one or something like that. Although if it’s different I don’t think I would like it as much, but you never know how these things go now do you.