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In retrospect, this is an intense album - 90%

yeentrancemperium, September 22nd, 2003

Let's just say that I'm a huge MDB fan, I've all the albums, etc so I will be biased.

This 2001 release is a true return to form, that is to the As The Flower Withers, Turn Loose the Swans era of aggressive, doomy metal. There are some really killer, heavy riffs on here, great for headbanging. Aaron is also in top form and he growls in a few songs, most notably in the rework of the classic The Return to the Beatiful. The sort of trademark slower, and clean parts are present, but this is indeed a good thing. The lyrics are very emotional, standard melancholic MDB material.

My favorites on here would be the title track, Black Heart Romance, My Hope the Destroyer and the Deepest of all Hearts.

I must say that the songs that the band plays live off this album sound really good. Especially My Hope, the Destroyer.