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True Modern My Dying Bride.. at its best!! - 95%

WitheringToSerenity, September 21st, 2005

My Dying Bride return with The Dreadful Hours not necessarily as a return to their older form, but incorporating parts of their older sound with a new, fresh and refreshingly original sound. The style is reminiscent of their previous album The Light at The End of The World, with mournful slow-mid paced guitars at the forefront with keyboards used occasionally for adding extra effect to their darkly melancholic atmospheres.

Still alternating clean sorrowful vocals and death-ish growl vocals like Turn Loose the Swans MDB, but not quite as morbid vocally and the Aaron's clean vocals have improved and are dominant on this album with the exception of two tracks. The guitars are still chugging as heavy as ever(possibly their heaviest to date) but the absence of the violin has haunted My Dying Bride for quite some time. One other noticable observation is that the sound is much cleaner and better produced. You could say this is the perfect album if you are looking to discover this band because it is one of their most accessible and successful albums. One of the huge strengths is the consistency of this album.

If you are searching for more raw doom death in the vein of Turn Loose The Swans or Lost Paradise(Paradist Lost for those who don't know) I suggest you look elsewhere. For those looking for another unparallelled musical journey brought to you My Dying Bride, you have stopped at the right place.

Favorite tracks : The Raven and The Rose, Black Heart Romance, every other track on a weekly basis.