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Dark.. - 89%

HawkMoon, August 11th, 2002

Metal Maniacs described this album as "Feverish, devilish and relevant". I hate those kinda wannabe-critics-quotes about albums, which has nothing to do with the music itself. I can agree to "relevant" though, since it is one of the better releases from My Dying Bride.

After a moody 2-minute intro on the title track and opener, we get the ingredients we're used to, no real surprises here (except when they at a couple of places suddenly break into a black metal-beat!), slow and heavy riffing.. Aaron's growling/whining combination, if you've heard 'The light at the end of the world' you know the deal.

And don't think you can get away from the bottom of the sea-deep mood this time either, for about 70 minutes in 8 tracks they're gonna make you wish to die once again.. without that they wouldn't be My Dying Bride anymore.

A solid album, not as good as 'The light at the end of the world' or 'Turn loose the swans' but it's got some aces in its sleeve.. for example "My hope, the destroyer" which has this keyboard intro that'll make you go "oh man this song is gonna be so dull" but then BAM! One of their best riffs to date is served, right in your face.