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beautiful - 86%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

My Dying Bride are not the band you want at your birthday party... play them at an AA meeting and you'll have a lot of blood to clean up. Angel and the Dark River is a moody, depressing, ubermelodic journey through the mind of a bereaved and severely FUCKED UP individual. Sans lurching and frankly boring riffs and growls, MDB finds their true voice on this album.. and it is truly the voice of the wretched (damn i'm good).

The Cry of Mankind fades in with a keyboard riff lifted directly from the X Files and slowly builds to a lilting and beautiful song rife with layered melodies and plodding riffs. Lead vocalist (or whiner) Aaron Stainthorpe sounds like Count Chocula on a serious bender, and warbles his way through anthems of self digust, in the process mentioning "she" more often than the latest New Found Glory record

Two Winters Only is my favorite song... begins with a keyboard aping a violin (or a violin aping a keyboard?) and ends tragically. These guys really need a hug... but without MDB where would we turn to in our bleakest moments? Somehow, in their utter despair, My Dying Bride are inspiring and beautiful. The Angel and the Dark River is the perfect album for those days when you can't pull yourself out of bed. Well done.