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the best MDB album!! - 90%

dragons_secrets, February 3rd, 2003

truly a dark, depressive album this one is. To me its better than the earlier MDB albums because vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe uses all clean vocals here. I don't really care as much for his growling, I just think the clean vocals fit better with the music....

'The Cry of Mankind'--although this song is long and a bit tiresome (yeah you can skip the track after about 7 or 8 mintues because theres several mintues of 'effects') and it is the weakest song here BUT that doesnt mean its not great anyway, because it defianately is still good!! 7 of 10

'From Darkest Skies'--from the opening bass-line to the haunting keyboard outro, this is one heavy as hell song!! It seems to be one of those songs that is impossible to smile over as well....9 of 10

'Black Voyage'--ohhh, this song is the one that makes me think of very bleak things such as a pale snow covered forest, and it tends to be a very depressing song. Just listen to the violin in here, its BOTH beautiful AND sad. The only bad thing about this song is the few straight mintues of Aaron's incoherent murmurs and severely low guitar before it kicks back into the song. 9 of 10

'A Sea to Suffer In'--wow!! a short song?? thats hard to believe. It's actually quite good though, and the main part of the song is so heartwrenchingly painful that its not even funny. 9 of 10

'Two Winters Only'--this song is another fairly long song (over 9 mintues) but its also the best song on the album. Very peaceful clean guitar is found throughout with Aaron's bleak but poetic lyrics, and then the song is made absolutely one very sad, melancholic song when you hear the slow beating of the drums and the words "Call me what you will but I'll die for no man.." It, again is both sad and beautiful. This is a great song for rainy days!! 10 of 10

'Your Shameful Heaven'--this is the only song on the album with any speed whatsoever, but its still a wonderful song, just not one of the better ones. 6 of 10