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Intensely Depressing...... - 100%

The_Cry_Of_Mankind, January 30th, 2006

To put a single second of this album down goes against my music taste, this is outstanding, moody, depressing, heavy...everything you need in a Doom metal album, My Dying Bride are at their best here as they have made 6 atmospheric long depressing songs that would send chills down anyones spine.

The Angel And The Dark River starts of with the My Dying Bride classic The Cry Of Mankind, drifting off very slowly onto the moody From Darkest Skies, starting off with Bass and a chilling violin note, with Aaron's deep emotional voice over the music creates a great atmosphere as the songs gets heavier with more violin work, Then comes my favorite of the six 'Black Voyage' everything is here! Great guitar, bass, vocals, drums, Chilling Violin and haunting vocals, A Sea To Suffer in is so good it could bring a tear to anybody out there, It is just so greatly composed. Two Winters only is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, so much emotion backed up with fantastic music, and the violin intro on Your Shameful heaven is also outstanding but then explodes into a slow heavy riff with Aaron singing his depressing style vocals over the music, with a lot of great riffs and good drums.

Well all I can say is that from all the doom metal albums I have heard this is the best, and For anyone wanting something to listen to on those cold depressing winter days, I can not stress enough how essential this album is.