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longer, but.. - 80%

HawkMoon, November 5th, 2002

First album without any growling. Ok, that's fine - it's not like I'm suffering every time I hear Aaron's clean voice. There are other vocalists to complain about. Anyways this is very similar to Like gods of the sun, only fewer and longer tracks. And that's one of the things I must pinpoint.. making longer tracks is fine, as long as there's actual music during the whole time, not having to hear several minutes filled out with weird sounds and shit. (listen to the last minutes of "The cry of mankind")

That's the only thing I don't like tho, see past that and this is a really dark and heavy doom album. Aaron really tried to change his vocals here, you can hear that especially in "A sea to suffer in" - he sings with a bit higher note which is nice.

Definitely worth getting. Has some wonderful tracks like "Your shameful heaven".