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Sinamorata..... - 96%

The_Cry_Of_Mankind, December 15th, 2005

This maybe the best thing any person could buy to get into this band, and Doom metal in general, 'Sinamorata' defines how good My Dying Bride are and how good they are live, but most of all, defines what a doom metal show should look like.

My Dying bride start this wonderful DVD off with none other than the title track to one of their best albums 'The Dreadful hours', starting off slow and getting the atmosphere just right for the night (rest assure their is no fucking around) 'The Dreadful Hours' is performed brilliantly and in my opinion is better here than on the CD itself (and that is saying something). Then comes the brutal riffs and fast drumming of 'The Raven And The Rose' which goes down nicely.

The new tracks off the new album 'Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light' get played here to give the eager crowd a taster of the greatness of that release, playing 'The Prize Of Beauty', 'Catherine Blake' and my personal favorite 'The Wreckage Of My Flesh' and in between we have classic My Dying Bride tracks such as 'The Cry Of Mankind' which could of brought a tear to a stone at that concert, The more faster version of 'She Is The Dark' which goes down very well with the crowd, ending it with none other and 'The Fever Sea'

A great release with many bonus videos to keep any fan of the band satisfied, the DVD looses 4 marks because as promised in the interviews, there was no back stage footage of the band on tour, but I could hardly complain as this DVD is amazing!, a must have for any My Dying Bride fan.