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Hey, this is pretty cool - 78%

stickyshooZ, May 1st, 2004

This is the first My Dying Bride album that I've listened to, and after the first listen I'm very impressed. The first thing that came to mind is that this is what real doom metal should sound like. The next thing that came to mind is that this is what Marylin Manson and all those like him try to sound like, except with a more "extreme" edge, which makes it sound like crap. What we have here is pure emotion flowing from every single note that is produced. This is exactly the kind of stuff you'd expect to hear at a sad point in a movie or a story.

The guitars have the most unique sound I've heard so far in doom metal. There are a fair amount of riff changes, while managing to keep consistency flowing and keep the listener interested. The singer doesn't sound too bad either; he reminds me of a much better Warrel Dane (without the retarded sounding voice). Part of what really gives this album a groovy feeling is the keyboard. The keyboards aren’t just randomly thrown in like with a lot of bands who use them.

The keyboard riffs are carefully placed, appropriately placed, and actually contribute to the good doomy sound of despair. This is the kind of band that would make you proud to use keyboards again. The three best instruments in this album are the guitars, the keyboards, and the vocals (yes, vocals are instruments too). Anyone who looks at this album cannot and should not expect a head-banging album (you wouldn't be looking at doom metal if that were the case); instead what you should expect is a high quality concert of pure emotion. This is the perfect kind of music to relax to, or listen to if you've had an emotionally stressful day.

I've never been much of a fan of doom metal, but this has changed my mind a bit. I'd recommend this highly to almost anyone, assuming you aren't the type of person who doesn't like anything slow. The music is slow, but slow doesn't mean it's boring. There is some intricate instrument work going on, and even if you don't like slower stuff, I'd still recommend at least a listen. The production and quality is top notch, definitely give it a listen if you haven't already.