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When will they stop making excellent albums? - 88%

WitheringToSerenity, May 8th, 2004

Oh yes, sooner than you'd think!! But I'm sure by now the My Dying Bride formula for creating moody music is well known. Slow, heavy and gloomy guitars, excellent use of keyboards, violins, self-loathing vocals etc... but to any listener this album will more than pull its fair share of surprises. The album in general has a heavier, more produced guitar sound to it which essentially makes it their catchiest album to date. Less emphasis on brooding guitar melodies(ala Turn Loose The Swans) and more on crushing metal riffs. Case and point, the opening title track where there are a few riffs that maintain a heavy metal pace and aggressiveness.

They have also chosen to only use clean vocals on this album and I will go against the crowd and say this was a good idea. They have a few excellent albums with deathly vocals already and this album wouldn't quite be the same with that format. The vocals aren't what prevented this album from being one of MDB's best anyways. Lacked the memorable guitar harmonies of Turn Loose The Swans, the violins and sorrowful beauty of Angel and The Dark River.

Probably their first album in which you can certainly question whether or not My Dying Bride is departing from their trademark Doom sound. The production makes it seem not quite as dark or haunting as the previous releases and a bit more accessible but nonetheless I find it extremely enjoyable. They still have the memorable violin, keyboard melodies and the sorrowful art you come to expect from My Dying Bride. The guitars are faster and more chord based than ever before. I would go as far as saying songs like For You and more are even digestable for the casual music fan. This might not be the best in their catalogue, but for an introduction to the band this isn't such a bad choice. For the record, I feel everyone on the planet open to beautiful symphonic music should hear For My Fallen Angel.

Favorites : Like Gods of The Sun, A Kiss To Remember, All Swept Away, For My Fallen Angel