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Not surprising, but.. - 83%

HawkMoon, August 11th, 2002

Another listen-and-weep production from the My Dying Bride back-catalogue, similar in style to 'Turn loose the swans' but still not the same. Lots of great riffing to be heard, moody keyboards, some violins here and there.. I've heard it before and sure as hell wanna hear it again.

A small downside though: this is one of the few albums where Aaron doesn't growl at all, and his whining clean voice isn't exactly my cup of tea. Although it isn't "bad" in any way, it doesn't do much for me either, except in a couple of places thanks to some straight-through-the-heart lyric line ("kiss me deep and love me forevermore..").

The quality overall is high standard, but in some places you just wanna say to them "ALRIGHT we get the bloody point!!", mainly in track 9 where it just gets too much melancholy for me to cope with. However, a couple of their best songs can be found here - "Like gods of the sun" and "Here in the throat".