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Inspired, depressive, and interesting...not here. - 15%

GoatDoomOcculta, March 14th, 2007

Inspired, depressive, and interesting...not here

To begin with, I would just like to point out that this is My Dying Bride's most impressive album to date, and is easily their most original and interesting piece of work. Unfortunately, that is not saying much, considering MDB ranks just barely below Cradle of Filth on the gay-o-meter, and that is simply because Dani is about as flaming of a homosexual as they come. My Dying Bride, however, is notorious for producing what is without a doubt the most boring music in existence, and Like Gods Of The Sun is certainly no exception to this long-standing tradition of theirs.

It's not that My Dying Bride doesn't have instrumental talent, it's just that they have absolutely no songwriting skills whatsoever, and as a result, each song is exactly the same as the one before it, the one after it, and every other song on the CD, along with the rest of their releases (excluding "The Light At The End Of The World" which was spectacular). I'm not even kidding, and apparently, despite all the reviews to the contrary, there are a lot of likeminded people out there who feel that MDB is incapable of writing a different song. How they've managed to achieve the level of fame that they currently have remains a mystery.

The only interesting thing on Like Gods Of The Sun are some very-rare keyboard parts. And by "very-rare" I mean "the one in the middle of the first track and that's it." Martin Powell, known for his equally disastrous role in Cradle Of Filth (imagine that), does a spectacular job of either refusing to play, or refusing to play loud enough to be heard more than a tenth of the time. Sure, there are keyboards, but they're more or less unable to be heard, and on the rare (read: nonexistent) occasion that they are able to be heard, they just drone on endlessly, adding nothing at all to the music. The exception to this is in the title track, in which there are some nifty orchestral keyboard parts, but those are too few and too short as well.

The guitars, as always, do nothing but drone on and on with the same annoying, buzzing, tremolo picking from the beginning of each track until the end. There are no solos at all on the whole CD (understandable, considering they try to pass themselves off as funeral doom, but still), but the guitars are always there...droning...on and on...and on...and on... This would be ok, because MDB is quite clearly going for a depressing sound, but the only thing depressing about the music is the utter lack of originality, especially with the guitars. The obnoxious distortion that is thrown in at times does nothing but make the majority of the instrumentals feel even more arbitrary, because the focus of each song is obviously intended to be the lyrics, which are "sung" in the same annoying monotone as they are in virtually every other MDB track. The drums...are just there. Sometimes there is some double bass action which actually complements the guitars quite well, but this is never utilized properly, and the music refuses to do anything besides flatline into more tedium.

As with all other My Dying Bride releases, there is nothing memorable here, nor is there anything even depressing, which is the purpose of the band. The only thing notable about Like Gods Of The Sun is that some parts of some songs are accidentally catchy, and you'll often find yourself with an annoying chugga chugga riff stuck in your head for some time afterwards. Aside from the inadvertent catchiness of some of the tracks, the only thing worth mentioning is (once again) the keyboards in the first track.

If you're into drone doom, I suppose this album may interest you, because it's pretty much reminscent of early Sunn O))), but a bit faster and with a few instruments thrown in. And a whiny vocalist. So I suppose it's not really much like Sunn at all, except the mindless droning...

Avoid this album for your own good.