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Wretched And Raw - 55%

OzzyApu, May 24th, 2009

Even compared to the debut this is a monstrosity. Aaron sounds like a demon on this with a mutilated throat, thus giving us a part raspy / part grouchy growl. The songs are also much more fast-paced and aggressive than the usual material, which to me is a really unfamiliar approach. My gripe with this though is that it never stops – it leaves no room for the listener to catch up and continues to trample everything in sight. Sometimes this is good in say Bolt Thrower’s sake, but I’d actually like to take the time to listen to this kind of doom. In fact, it’s actually death metal at this stage, since this is pretty much what Atrocity was playing.

The riff s themselves are grinding and powerful, but unorthodox in playing measure until the awesome break in the second song. Until that break, you are repeatedly bombarded by a cacophony of instruments you weren’t prepared for. At this point I’m starting to get into the song, which really becomes catchy, but demo is already ¾ over, so if I’m anything the most its pissed off. I do love the synth ending – really good atmosphere / fantasy touch they put into it at the last second; gives it more of a “spiritual” quality.

Production in doom has never been any issue, even for early demos such as this. There isn’t any real fuzz, and the bass makes my ears rumble. Literally, my right ear is rumbling and I’m tearing up because of it. Since these songs are fast, you can expect to hear double bass roaring through everyone, but it’s hard to hear over the clamor of snares and metallic toms – an issue worth solving.

So I was surprised by this release – it isn’t something I’d keep, but it satisfied my curiosity with early My Dying Bride. It’ll do the same for you, too, but just stick to the earlier full-lengths because the quality surpasses this in all departments.