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Dying Bride is still alive! - 90%

zhay777, February 24th, 2013

My Dying Bride is one of my favorite bands, but I wasn't that excited when I heard that they are going to release new album. After 'Songs of darkness, words of light', they have been taking steps backwards. Although I was satisfied with 'For lies I sire', I lost my hope for this band. I'm not talking about 'Evinta' at all. One thing that still kept desire for this band in me was 'The Barghest o' Whitby', really epic EP, which still has spirit of old My Dying Bride.

When I finally had chance to listen to 'A Map of All Our Failures', I understood that I had been wrong with them. They didn't only satisfy me, they seem to be going back to roots. First of all, sound is heavier in comparison with previous two albums. It isn't as heavy as in 'Turn Loose the Swans', but ideal for death/doom metal band. They didn't make guitar riffs less melodic or less painful too. There are many great moments, when guitars from smooth and melodic sound, suddenly turn into brutal and back to melodic too. For example in the songs 'Kneel Till Doomsday' or 'A Tapestry Scorned'. Also here are very melodic songs too, like 'The Poorest Waltz'. Every song here has its catchy moment, which gives them the place in the listeners mind after the first try. Aaron is growling again, that makes me very glad. Also, you are able to hear quick double-basses in drumming, which were forgotten in their previous two albums.

I want to highlight two songs, 'Hail Odysseus' and 'Abandoned as Christ'. 'Hail Odysseus' is my personal favorite in this album. It has strong and heavy intro and then it moves into sad atmosphere by melodic riffs on guitars and Aaron's beautiful voice. In this album he sings like in good old times again. He still feels pain of every character of every song, which makes his vocal perfect. 'Abandoned as Christ' is most interesting song here. It has special atmosphere, which drags you into the another world.

Effect like this has every song on this album. They just lead you into the world you fear most. There is dark, there is cold, but also there is beauty too. All the dark emotions gather while listening to this album. Be it 'Like a Perpetual Funeral' or 'A Map of All Our Failures' itself, every single song here is unquestionable masterpiece. It seems that old My Dying Bride is resurrected and these gods of doom metal can still give us good example of real art.

Status: already waiting for their next album...