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A Map Of All Enjoyment - 93%

lordazmolozmodial, November 1st, 2012

The heritage of the doom/death metal music that has been granted by the golden days of the 90s is the main inspiration for most of the current doom/death metal bands, and most of the fans think that this heritage has run dry by the modern sound of the guitars and by the disappointing changes of the musical genres of the pioneer bands. This year has proved that the heritage of extreme doom metal music is not dry, and even the pioneer bands can get back to their original musical influences to create more memorable releases. My Dying Bride is back to clear away all the dull modern doom metal releases with a very powerful album entitled "A Map Of All Our Failures".

My first impression about the genius and freaky artwork was really epic, and this impression improved more and more after the band has released the track "Kneel 'till Doomsday". As many people said that My Dying Bride is turning away into a new direction, I had a completely different opinion, because I think the new My Dying Bride is influenced by the old My Dying Bride. I am not saying that the new album sounds the same as the old MDB era, but I just can notice the analogy between the new enigmatic structures and the old epic pieces that the band released in the 90s. As I was drowning inside the waves of the tracks "Like A Perpetual Funeral" and "Abandoned As Christ", I found the touches of the classic releases "The Angel And The Dark River" and "Like The Gods Of The Sun" are painting the solid peaks of the clean vocals and tainting the tune of the guitars in a tragic/epic way.

The harsh vocals in the tracks "A Tapestry Scorned" and "Kneel 'till Doomsday" are full of abominable feelings and anger, I didn't hear such feelings since the album "The Light At The End Of The World", I was expecting more harsh vocals sections in the tracks but MDB didn't extinguish these flaming needs !

Every track in this album has its own world of mystical lyrics and dramatic melodies, the flowing slow chords of the down tuned guitars are creating a lot of theatrical scenes for the listeners, the tracks "Within The Presence Of Absence" and "Hail Odysseus" show exactly what I mean. The using of the clean guitars and the violin helped really well to complete the sound of the guitars, and the total atmospheric sound has been enhanced by the amazing performance of the keyboardist. The bass and the drumming actually blew my mind, the accurate drum rolls and the viscous sound of the bass gave more strength and consistence to the sound of the distorted guitars. I couldn't pick any flaw in this record, the band tried carefully to wipe off every single defect from the past release to produce such an interesting album/journey.

If you miss the old sound of My Dying Bride and you don't like to hear the old tracks over and over again, you have to check this record and live a brand new experience with these genuine musicians. I recommend this album for all the fans of doom metal, and for all the fans of the real music because the songwriting and the performance of the band will take your breath so far away.

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