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Outstanding - 95%

Dead By Dawn 15, October 26th, 2012

Wow, after all the great albums that My Dying Bride have already put forth, they still have enough to release an album like A Map of All Our Failures. You can clearly hear that there is still passion within the music and like most bands that have made the amount of work that MDB has made, most of the time it becomes contrived and almost forced, but this album still invokes the same emotions as the great albums (Turn Loose the Swans, Like Gods of the Sun, The Dreadful Hours, etc.).

The album is filled with great instrumentation. The guitars sound fantastic and have some great and memorable riffs, most notably the opening riff to Kneel Till Doomsday, a riff that will singlehandedly beat you into submission and force you to sit where you are just to hear the entire album. The bass is also a plus, for at some points it is audible and it's a treat because Lena Abe is a talented player and deserves recognition. The drums are also spot on and help keep the song together with some flare and awesome drum fills. The violin...what more can be said? It's as welcome to a My Dying Bride album as meatballs are to a spaghetti dish. They are one of the main highlights and really bring out one of the many original traits that make My Dying Bride great.

Last but not least, we have the most important instrument, Aaron's voice. This singer, that on the right note, may bring a tear of absolute sorrow to your eye. However, one thing I can hear is sometimes the vocals get a little forced, but that's a minor flaw and sometimes it adds to the melancholic atmospheres, but at other times it can be an annoyance. But other than that, his growls on this release sound great. It seems as though on every album they sound better and better.

Concluding this review, I shall say that if you enjoy MDB's music, this is a worthy addition to your collection, but if you're just starting out and want to know more about the sound of MDB, you should check out the albums Turn Loose The Swans, Like Gods To The Sun, and The Dreadful Hours. After you check those albums out, you then should expand into the other albums and indulge in what is in my opinion the greatest gothic death/doom metal band to ever write music.