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Doomalicious! - 100%

grimdoom, August 18th, 2008

In the past few years My Dying Bride have arguably crafted their finest works to date. 'A Line of Deathless Kings' is no exception to the newer, fresher sounding material as there is a little something for everyone in here.

This album has been subjected to an array of mixed reviews due to Aaron's choice to sing "properly". This is the first time he's sung clean for an entire album and as such probably won't be the last. The biggest difference in this and say 'Like Gods of the Sun' is that he's actually singing and not just speaking. His grim vocals have been in decline in more recent years and as a result most of his growls sound forced and dry. This album truly shows his versatility as a vocalist.

The guitars are thick and heavy and generally menacing. This is due to the stellar production job. This album has a lot of attitude in its riffs and leads. All of the bands hallmarks are here, but this is far from being rehashed. This is MDB at the top of their game. This is possibly one of their crunchiest (if not their crunchiest) album to date.

The bass is more or less what we've come to expect from the band. The drums (which have always been a standout point for the band) are just as brilliant as ever with session member John Bennett bringing yet another original color to the bands already bright pallet.

The keyboards add the requisite atmosphere where it would have been otherwise lost by the guitars. While Sara is certainly able to hold her own, she's no Martin. They lyrics are the usual Doom & gloom that we've come to expect.

This album, while sorrowful and bleak is also tough and robust. There is a lot going on here in terms of mood and feel. The harmonies and leads only add to the misery brought to life by the lyrics. This is by far one of the best MDB albums to date. This album takes the heaviness of the 'Dreadful Hours' and mixes it with the pure Doom that was 'Songs of Darkness, Words of Light'.

You could certainly do far worse in the bands catalog. This is highly recommended to any and all Doomsters. However, with that being said, those who might be new to the band might find this a decent starting place as it literally encompasses some of the bands better/best sonic attributes.