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An Extreme Metal Landmark - 80%

brocashelm, February 6th, 2009

A true cult release for a few reasons at least, Warfare Noise is perhaps the first representation the world received of Brazilian extreme metal. Few have ever seen a copy, mostly because distribution was pretty poor for this record label (Cogumelo). But what's here certainly codifies the ultra-fast, booming death metal sound that has become emblematic of Brazil and such an influence of modern war metal acts like Revenge, Proclamation and Black Witchery.

Chakal lash out with gritty guitars and surprisingly well produced material, while Holocausto actually sound a bit more "together" than they did on their messy debut album CAMPO DE EXTREMINO. Mutilator would do a good job on their debut album IMMORTAL FORCE, but the tracks here suffer from fairly poor sound. "Nuclear Holocaust" is pretty impressive, though. The best known band on hand, Sarcofago appear with one cut from their legendary INRI debut album ("Satanas") and an otherwise hard to find track, "The Black Vomit." both benefit from good sound, and this band's impressive Bathory/Sodom inspired noise making.

This is perhaps more valuable for it's historical value than for it's actual content, which truth be told could be better. But a more succinct expression of this particular extreme metal simply does not exist. And for that it deserves to be heard.