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Raw Thrash from Brazil!!!! - 85%

XHARATHORN, May 7th, 2003

While the band seems to lack a big fan base, they definetly could have been big if they hadn't split up. This is absolutely one of my top 10 favorite thrash metal albums! I havent heard their 2nd album "Into the Strange" but when i had heard that there was a different vocalist on that one i didn't bother checking it out. I had to buy an original CD of this album on ebay for only 30$ and i think it's a bootleg, but no matter it was worth every penny. From the first song till the last this is neck breaking classic thrash. While the vocals aren't that great the music definetly makes up for it, no matter how many times i hear it, it always makes me laugh the way the vocalist pronounces the word "pleasure" like "plashuree". Since the band is from latin america you can of course expect a heavy accent which is something that i actually enjoy. The only reason why this album doesn't get a 100 is because of its very very had production but this is still fun to listen to.

Stand out songs: 2 - BloodStorm, 6 - Brigade of Hate, 8 - Tormented Soul