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Mutant Supremacy - Infinite Suffering

Mutant Supremacy - Infinite Suffering - 45%

Alex_P, January 2nd, 2011

Mutant Supremacy’s Infinite Suffering starts off with a series of riffs and blast beats, and I’m thinking that this will be a pretty decent old school death metal album. Then the vocals start, and you can tell these will be a problem. I’ll say it straight up: the vocals on this album are terrible. The lower growls are unimpressive, but could be ignored. The screeches, on the other hand, are embarrassingly bad. If I hated extreme metal and wanted to imitate harsh vocals, this is the method I’d choose. It’s like listening to a goblin gargle at you, in an angry way. The drumming is inoffensive but uninteresting, relying on double bass and blast beats and not presenting any interesting fills. I can’t comment on the bass, other than to say that I can in fact tell that this band has a bassist.

It’s a shame, really, because throughout the album there are some really cool sections: the intros to “Morbid Dismemberment” and “Extinction”, the first 30 and last 45 seconds of “Epitaph” (including an absolutely killer sample) and the chorus to “Soaked in Hell” (minus the vocals) as well as about a dozen other moments all vouch for this album. And that album art is absolutely killer.

Essentially, Infinite Suffering consists of a series of decent to excellent old-school riffs impeded by some significant flaws. Maybe you disagree with me? Check it out here (, hyperlinked in original), and feel free to.

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