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JacksonShredHead, April 27th, 2009

After hearing only a couple of Mutant's songs I was looking forward to picking up their latest EP at their gig. This is 1st grade technical thrash right here.

The 4 songs have a very modern sound about them (mixed by Scott Atkins) but is done so without being clinical or soulless. Not bad for a fiver!

The vocals seem to be wretched from Luchtenstein, treating you to a gutty, organic sound the way thrash vocals should be. Guitars are tight as hell, with a tone reminiscent of other thrash 'revivalists' such as Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb, and tasteful shredding provided by both Klempner and Luchtenstein. The riffs are varied enough to keep you interested throughout all tracks, with many stand out licks that stick in your head long after headbanging to them days ago! Rare for thrash, the bass can be heard through the mix, mainly following the guitars but not being afraid to wander adding sonic dimension. With drumming the being tight and with some rather nice fills linking the riffs, its a treat to the ears.

These riffs are catchy, memorable, fast, technical and mosh inducing, but somehow keeping a unique atmosphere to the songs with a slight (VERY slight) proggy edge, with subtle flanger added at some point.

If this is just a taster of the upcoming album, I will be certainly adding that to my collection.