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Music from the Void - Herfst - 90%

Feigr, May 30th, 2013

[Originally written by Feigr for Cold Silence fanzine, May 2013]

I have always been a fan of instrumental music. Whether it was folk, metal, ambient, or whatever, instrumental tracks always intrigued me way more than ‘lyrical’ songs. The album I am reviewing here is a good piece of instrumental music, a mixture of 60% sorrowful clean guitar melodies and 40% despair-filled distorted DSBM riffs. Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, comes ‘Music from the Void’, an instrumental one-man Black/ DSBM project. The first thing that got my attention towards this band was the name, which has some sort of mystical and dark aura around it, if you ask me. Also, the cover of this demo is fucking great, simple and minimalistic, nature-linked, which defines perfectly what this demo is about.

In the first song, ‘Herfts’, the essence of autumn speaks in the form of a guitar. Throughout the song, a sequence of arpeggiated clean guitar chords and melodies, supported by bass and, I think, a piano at times in the very background, creates the imagery of the shadow of autumn taking over the summer, as the trees slowly die, leaves fall and coldness creeps into scene leaving behind a bleak track of desolation. Coming to the end, drums and distorted guitars start, adding ‘metalness’ and keeping the atmosphere gloomy and dark. The song is mostly clean guitar passages.

The second song, ‘Wasteland’, is more of a black doom song, with slow, dense down-tuned guitar patterns accompanied by marching drums, full of low toms. Clean guitar passages are also present, helping define the sorrow of the dead landscape this song creates, a wasteland.

‘Kinderzeit’, the third song, sounds to me somewhat more depressive than the previous songs in this demo. A thick guitar wall of sound is the main characteristic of this song. It makes you feel as if drowning in a sea of sound, takes over you. Again a clean guitar marks the difference between the depression and the anger in this demo, as a lead guitar plays a slow, melancholic solo that reminisces of better, past times. Perhaps about childhood, as the song title (Kinderzeit, German for childhood) would imply. This is without doubt my favorite track of the demo.

The last song, ‘Midwinter’, is also a very depressing track. The track resembles a funeral dirge, slow and filled with desperation. I find it rather difficult to define this song. The main guitar is one of the most grieving melodies I have heard lately, just fucking great DSBM.

The production of the album is rather decent. It is not good production, but not raw, like Xasthur or Leviathan. The drums sound perfect volume-wise, the bass can be heard (which is something unusual in depressive black) and the distorted guitars sound fuzzy and thick, yet keeping the melodies clear to listen to. Also, the songs are very well-structured and Myrkwood666, the man behind Music from the Void, has done an excellent job as a compositor. Looking forward to the next release.

Recommended for fans of Agalloch, Happy Days, Xasthur, and DSBM/depressive music in general.