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Death Metal Revelation - 89%

Homer_Nava, January 14th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Altar Recs (Limited edition)

Murderline is a death metal band from Mexico city and this is their debut release: Evil Has No Shape. This is a powerful beginning for an extreme band, all the elements shown here are fascinating and the result is a hell of an album. As far as I know this band has had a certain success in their country and overseas (a show in Czech Republic). With this album Murderline got an established and respected status in the Mexican underground scene.

Musically speaking the style they play is not hard to describe, it’s brutal death metal without any complication to digest because this recording marks a very solid style, the basis of the music is death metal in the vein of Immolation and Incantation with some interesting evil touches here and there. Let’s concentrate then in the things that in my opinion highlight the most about this album, in terms of speed and brutality Murderline is perfect, I like the way they keep the level of musicianship because of the intensity of drums and guitar riffs, both instruments are like lethal weapons creating intense and insane death metal; bass guitar deserves a very special mention, it’s strong and solid, such instrument makes the music exploit over and over again. In general Evil Has No Shape features extreme death metal full of brutality and a lot of technical parts. Song structures are both innovative and varied with tremendous and incessant guitar riffs which are memorable too. One of the things I noticed in this album is the fact that all the songs are different each other, you will find here a decent dose of originality. Vocalist does a great job growling all the time and keeping the sick atmosphere in this album.

This is an enjoyable first full length that hardly the listener will forget about, Murderline owns a good potential in the creative area and I’m sure that future releases will surprise the death metal scene a whole lot. My only complaint or suggestion would be as follows: would be great to add other guitar player in order to offer more guitar solos. I´m more that satisfied with this half hour of extreme music. This Recording consists of ten songs and an intro with piano, my favorite tracks are: Evil Has No Shape, Revelation and Human Remains. Last but not least, this is a female band conquering the underground scene, thumbs up!