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Italian ambassadors of European death metal - 72%

Morhguel, September 29th, 2010

If you ask a metalhead to mention a metal band from Italy, I don't think that a death metal band would come up to his or her mind. Italy gave many bands to the European metal scene from almost every genres except this one. Although, I've heard about Maleficarum and Excidium, and of course, some other groups with death influences, but that's all, and none of them were playing the tech-death style. So this combat unit called Murder Therapy have armed themselves with this brutal weapon called “Symmetry Of Delirium” to set their flag on this yet unconquered area.

And yes, this analogy is correct, if I were a soldier, I would feel myself in safe with this lethal weapon on any enemy territory. The music is ruthless technical death metal at its best with many broken rhythms and with some core elements (but it's still good for the taste of the oldschool fans). This quintet play this genre nicely with a sound that is really close to perfection (although, there's an unnecessary explosion effect here which lasts for a half second and distorts the sound totally, but it's a tiny, short mistake.) However, the songwriting is the weakest part of their work. It's not bad but not really outstanding either. There are some really good songs such as 'Extra-Ordinary Perfect Machine' or 'Two Shots In Colebrook' with its hard rock influenced refrain, they are both well-composed and they have a unique feeling but I can't say that it's also true for the rest. I admit that they play this style brutally but it makes the music unmemorable, you won't find here neither guitar solos in Necrophagist's/Arsis's style nor catchy guitar riffs (except a few ones). But yes, it's heavy as hell. There's a hidden track on the album - a speech mixed onto the intro of 'Asymmetry' – which was unnecessary I think, but it fits into the atmosphere, so it's okay.

Rating this record was as hard as to digest the music on it. The quality of the production is the highest, many famous bands would dream of this heavy sound. The music is complex, it's definitely without mistakes, it's performed very well and it is way better than the average. But still, despite that there's no mistake on this album, it's not an outstanding record. Before this full-length, they released an EP which gained many positive reviews so they have the potential there's no doubt about it. But I think, they show it mostly in the second part of the album which is better and has more opportunities. All in all, it's a good debut and they have the chance to be called as the “Italian ambassadors of the European death metal”. Of course, it's recommended for the death metal fans, but be careful: it's heaviness will kick your brain out of your head!

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