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Old School Autopsy Worship - 80%

Daemonlord, July 12th, 2011

Do you miss Autopsy? Buy every Abscess album hankering for the days of Chris Reifert's most debauchery filled tunes, only to feel something's not quite hitting the same buttons as it used to in the 'good old days'? Murder Squad could be the band for you.

Another 'super' group, featuring former and present members from two of Sweden's most popular death metal bands (Entombed and Dismember), Murder Squad's debut sees them teaming up with Mr Reifert himself to fully bring the shit-caked, punky death metal to your ears like it was mere weeks after Autopsy's death rattle 'Shit Fun' had been released. Yeah, so there's no prizes for guessing that this is completely unashamed, unadulterated Autopsy worship, but fuck, it's great Autopsy worship, so who gives a shit? Of course, there's the inevitable touches of Entombed here and there musically which gives it more of an identity of its own, but with the lyrical topics edging toward the sick, twisted topics Autopsy loved back in the days, you'd still be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a long lost Autopsy recording (hell, even with the Entombed-sounding parts, it still sounds like Autopsy as, lets face it, they stole more than one Autopsy riff in their past releases!).

But the thing that flows most notably from the album is the fact that it's obviously been lovingly put together by a bunch of buddies, sitting around drinking beers and bashing out riffs in total adoration of their idols. So, you should know exactly what to expect, and as an album, whilst not quite reaching the excellence of early Autopsy, it's certainly an enjoyable listen. Good stuff.

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Ugly/beautiful - 97%

Noktorn, February 5th, 2008

Here's another beautiful grab from Metalbolic's $6 bin: criminally underrated oldschool death metal band Murder Squad's first album. If you know anything about Murder Squad, it's that they are designed first and foremost to be an Autopsy worship band. They don't really succeed at that apart from in a few dimensions, because they stumble onto their own unique style frequently enough to distance themselves from the legions of Autopsy clones out there. Some of the basic elements are similar; playing dark, doomy death metal with Reifertesque vocals, comparisons are easy to draw. But I don't think that at any point in their career Autopsy was as consistently brilliant as Murder Squad is on this album; it's a must for any fan of this style of death metal, despite its rather lackluster critical response.

Murder Squad is essentially Autopsy stripped down even further into a decayed, sickening monstrosity of oldschool death metal. Gone is the punky, sardonic feel of Autopsy, which is instead replaced with an extra helping of misery and doomy groove. The secondary influence is a real interesting aspect; Murder Squad clearly dragged out the first few Black Sabbath albums while writing these tunes, with some riffing right off of 'Master Of Reality' in songs like the title track and 'The Probing', which both feature low volume, bluesy riffing right out of a Black Sabbath record. The rest of the material, minus these diversions, though, is pure, gore-drenched death metal from the bowels of California, despite its Swedish origin. There's not even the slightest hint of modernity on this album: it has plenty of brutality without ever a blast beat being played.

I like how there's not a trace of happiness or good humor anywhere on this album. Tracks like 'Slowly Burnt To Death' and 'Depravation' are beasts of unbelievable negativity, churning out monolithic Celtic Frost-derived riffing with impunity over a deliciously raw and sneering drum performance. The songs on 'Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged' are utterly soaked in this dark, miserable atmosphere, wallowing in all the blood and filth they can scrape off of handfuls of power chords and hoarsely growled vocals, violently spewing lyrics about cannibalism, mass murder, and deviant sexuality. Murder Squad makes the sludgy, heaving style of death metal work for them, unlike many others, making every monolithic sway of their instruments something compelling and great to listen to. It's enormously heavy and brutal without downtuning tremendously or gurgling.

It's pretty easy to argue that this album is mercilessly conventional, because it is. But it's conventional in a way that's been pretty unpopular for a number of years now. For people who love the oldschool, doomy style of death metal, there is essentially nothing better out there now. I don't really get how you can dislike this; it does what it sets out to do nearly perfectly, so the negative reviews I've seen for this release must be the result of someone who doesn't like the style in the first place trying to write about it. I'm telling you the truth, though: if you like the conventions of the style, you'll love this. If you don't, you'll find it listless and boring. It's as simple as that.