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Murder Made God - Irreverence

The world let out a resounding "meh" - 54%

BastardHead, June 26th, 2013

Murder Made God...

I sat there with that potential opening line for like, two or three hours. Irreverence here is so goddamn boring that there's just nothing to talk about. It's tech death, that's all there is to it. They used to be a wiggery slam band when they went by the name Human Rejection. That's not very interesting because none of that influence can be found on this album, so it's moot point, who cares? Not I, not you, not the tech death geeks nor the slam bogans, nobody. This is a pointless, redundant album that nobody cares about and nobody should care about, that's basically the end of that.

Really, Murder Made God remind me a lot of Hour of Penance, just with more stop start parts. Really, I may not have reviewed them to date, but I've been pretty vocal about how much of a raging Hour of Penance fanboy I can be, so at the very least that similarity makes the band tolerable. I won't tardrage and start ripping people apart if they come on the radio (I live in a fantasy world where stuff like this plays on the radio), but I don't see myself listening to this very often once I finish this review. And yeah, this is gonna be a really short one, because what really can you say about this? It's really fast, it's really intense, the vocals are deep roars, the guitars chug at an inhumanly fast pace, and the drums are absurdly fast and technical. There, that's all there is to say, what more do you want me to do? I mean, there is a pretty cool riff in the chorus of "Aberrant Curse", but that's one of the few memorable moments. Remember how I derided Cytotoxin for being good but utterly pointless? Well yeah, I'm willing to bet that fans of Cytotoxin will flock to Murder Made God as well, because it's the same basic idea. Hyperfast brutality with no original ideas.

Now I know I can be a bit of an asshole when it comes to moderating the review queue at MA, and people can be upset when I reject a review for not being descriptive enough. "The description is very vague and glossed over, and could describe any random [genre] band". So I need to be a hypocrite here for a second and say that yes, this review could describe any random brutal tech death band, but the reason is because this sounds like any random brutal tech death band. I mean, it's pretty decent, but I'm probably saying that because I love this particular style so much. There's nothing to help this band stand apart from the legions of bands that sound exactly like this. Super fast, not necessarily technical in the same sense as something like Decrepit Birth (it's not very weedly or noodly), but it's very riffy and pummeling, but it never really sticks with you. It's cool when it's on and it doesn't exist when it's over. I wish more bands could manage to make this style as memorable as others can (like the obvious one I keep mentioning or the first Fleshgod Apocalypse album). Worth a look if you're a fan of the style, but it doesn't really have any staying power, unfortunately.

Originally written for Lair of the Bastard