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Pretty Damn Terrible - 10%

demonomania, June 29th, 2006

Don't get me wrong, I love death metal. But when you take the aesthetic too far, you get crap. And crap is a pretty accurate word to describe "Tagged and Bagged."

When bidding on this through eBay, I thought i was getting the Swedish supergroup with Jorgen from Grave. Boy, was I disagoddamnpointed. I should have guessed how terrible it was going to be from the pictures of the band on the inside - all are dressed in army-camo jackets and ski masks, and one of them is holding a hunting knife. Now I'm no musician, but I don't think you use a knife to play guitars or drums. Then again, given the quality of the musicianship on this album, maybe that's just what the ole Corporation does.

Basically, it is just fast drums (not quite constant blasting, but close), sloppy attempts at death metal riffs with so much distortion you can't tell what the fuck they were attempting, and and vocals that sound like that noise when the last bit of scummy, catfood chunk-filled water drains from the sink, where it has been sitting for a very long time.

So as you can tell this album was not to my liking. I think there was something resembling a discernable riff on the fourth track, where the band decided to slow down for a minute, but I'm not sure. Nor do I care enough to ever listen to this album again. Ten points for being death metal, -90 points for being horrendous. These guys should be cleaning the aforementioned catfood from my clogged sink.