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Murderous! - 85%

Gojira, December 26th, 2010

Ah, Murder Construct. A "supergroup" including Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation fame and... some other guys from other bands that I'm not very well versed in personally. But hey, all it took was "Travis Ryan's in it" to get the attention of myself and other metalheads out there. MC has been around for nearly a decade now, forming, splitting up, never quite solidifying, kind of like a failing biotech experiment. Well hold onto your hats, because this Relapse released EP is a sign of what's to come, and it's going to kill everyone.

To kick it off, I'd like to say that this is not the "most br00tal" thing to come out, and isn't shooting to be such, so never mind those little banner ads that may tell you to wear diapers when listening to this. Don't get me wrong, the 17 minutes of music contained here is intense, and will definitely leave you wondering what the hell just happened. That's a pro and a con. The pro being that the songs No Savior, I Am That, End Of An Error, and Destroy Babylon are catchy, memorable, and dare I say, accessible in comparison to much of the Deathgrind out on the market today. There are melodies, grooves, tribal sections, and electronic meanderings that hint at progressive leanings. These four songs make the EP what it is, and are my recommended tracks.

The remainder aren't bad tracks, but the vocal style tends to wear a bit thin, with dueling growls and screeches by Travis and Leon being the main conveyors of their brutal message. The guitars aren't much to speak of, but get their jobs done well, injecting blazing solos and beautiful harmonies when needed, usually keeping it fast-paced and simple. Bass, you may have to listen for, but it's there. Drums are phenomenal, blasting the shit out of your ears with Grind and D-Beat influenced rhythms for what seems to be the entire duration of the EP. With that being said, the musical work on this EP is nothing short of amazing, though it does need a bit of work and variation if they are to release a full-length, which I hope isn't too far away.

Despite the whirlwind style of the EP and the brevity leaving you wanting a bit more, this offering is a bloody good appetizer. The future is bright for Murder Construct, and hopefully tours and a full length will help them flesh out a more developed sound.