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Punk/Crossover Experiment - 70%

VilliThorne, July 4th, 2012

What we have here is the fifth full-length album from Virginia based thrash/crossover band, Municipal Waste. Preceding The Fatal Feast (Waste from Space) is 2009's Massive Aggressive which gained disdain from fans and thrash metal enthusiasts due to its lack of humorous lyrics (which the band are well known for) and poor quality over all. Fans have eagerly been awaiting a new, and hopefully better, release ever since. Will The Fatal Feast (Waste from Space) finally give audiences what they've been waiting so patiently for?

Taking in this album as a whole, it's safe to say that the content straddles the thin line between thrash metal and hardcore punk. Teetering to one side more so than the other at times, but maintaining a relatively steady balance between the two. The album starts off with Municipal Waste's first effort at a synthesized introductory track, "Waste in Space (Main Title)", which gives off a Twilight Zone vibe. This same style is repeated in "The Fatal Feast", with a few variances here and there.

There is a distinct underlying D.R.I influence which stands out abundantly in "Covered in Sick/The Barfer", which is a song entirely about waking up covered in vomit and trying to figure out who puked all over you, "New Dead Masters" and "The Fatal Feast". The usual party humor one would expect (and want) in a Municipal Waste release is back in such songs as the aforementioned tracks, "You're Cut Off", "12 Step Program" and "Jesus Freaks".

The tracks flow seamlessly into the next with no glitches, which is important since nearly every song on this album fades into the next in some way. Audio levels are appropriate for the type of content at hand, the drums are soft and in the distant background while the guitar and bass fight for leadership. Occasionally the bass track will rise up above all others and reveal Land Phil's creative walking bass licks, a couple of good examples of this is the ending to "Authority Complex", and the opening of "New Dead Masters", which are two of the best tracks on The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space) .

"Repossessed", "Unholy Abductor", "Idiot Check" and "You're Cut Off" are the only straight thrash songs found in this material, and maybe a couple of other less memorable tracks. For the rest of the songs one can expect to hear chugging bass lines, palm muted riffs and plenty of structures with slowed down tempos.

It's unclear for now what direction Municipal Waste might take in the future. Even though the humor is back on this album, the efforts feel minimal and like the band are ready to shed their party image and move onto more serious political/anarchist themes. Those waiting for a pure thrash metal experience may want to pass this one by.

- Villi Thorne