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I Think I'll Just Order Chinese, thanks. - 50%

Slasher666, April 17th, 2012

Just when we thought that Waste's new album "Fatal Feast" would make an excellent come back from "Massive Aggressive" it doesn't really make that much of a difference. This disappoints me because I was looking forward to some new material from these guys and they still are one of my favourite thrash bands to date, but what is this exactly? This isn't a feast, this is just some material that has been refined and the band's reputation and fan base it's fatal. A part of me wants to call this "Massive Aggressive 2.0" which can be valid, then again I also feel like that shouldn't be a label for this album.

Why I think it should be "Aggressive 2.0":

Everything just sounds so out of place! The lyrical content is just so unintelligent that it sounds like something that would be used on some sort of child's cartoon, they sound so tongue-in-cheek that it's almost painful to listen to it. Forresta's vocals have gotten worse, on "Aggressive" they were bad enough and now they've just gotten worse. They sound bland, flat, whiny, dull and rushed. It sounds like he's trying to revive "The Art of Partying" era but that idea just falls flat on its face mainly because it sounds nothing like it. Some would say it's because he's "ageing", that's not it and it has nothing to do with it, there's only one logical answer: he has lost his touch. I rest my case.

Why I think it shouldn't be "Aggressive 2.0":

All the instruments are perfectly executed, Ryan Waste and Landphil along with David Witte know how to play in unison and manage to pull it off. There are some juicy thrash riffs in here and they sound good, they remind me of Exodus (to a certain point that is). On their previous album everything was off tempo or off beat, out of key and messed up beyond repair, now the band looked back on it and fixed that up. Flawless execution.

As much as I hate to say this, Forresta is holding them back from actually achieving something. The power is there, but the seriousness of it all is long gone. Ryan Waste, Landphil and Witte are talented musicians and should seek a new vocalist (sorry Tony Forresta, as much as I admire you as a vocalist you gotta step up your game). Sure this is better than Metallica's "Lulu" or Slayer's "World Painted Blood" but this still isn't the best album they've brought to the table.