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Fun, Energetic, Metal - 89%

Head_Shot, July 18th, 2007

Lets face it, Municipal Waste contain the sound of old school thrash, yet they posess something else that makes the music an enjoyable listen everytime you pop the album on. The Art of Partying is Municipal Waste's third album, as with Hazardous Mutation contains non-stop ass kicking crossover thrash. The band themselves have seemed to mature there sound on this record with the vocals sounding more refined, the guitar tone a bit thicker, and the bass on standard levels it wasnt on for Hazardous Mutation.

The album begins with a little 39 second clip called "Pre-Game" and it is as the title suggests a preview of whats to come (minus the vocals), then heads straight into the title track. From the title track on the album gives you non-stop ass pounding crossover thrash that D.R.I., & S.O.D. would be proud of. "Headbanger Facerip" is the single of sorts off the album, a fun energetic track that is to hard NOT to sing along to the chorus. The only problem with this, is like Municipal Waste's other albums is that some of the songs send alike after awhile because of the short length the songs are. The longest song on the album is the last track "Born To Party" at 4:20 long but the music itself last until about 1:15 into the song, followed by about 2:15 of silence then a small audio clip of the band I assume.

The only glaring problems with this is album along with the other two are 1) repitition, and 2) length, this is there longest album at 32 minutes, but if Municipal Waste want to keep there name high they should make there songs longer, but this is only the afterthough for he album its just a good fun.