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Thrash Your Ass - 75%

Flamos, October 15th, 2008

Looking at the title, you should understand what this album is about. Drinking, destroying property, and going crazy, does this album really stand up to the rising crossover competition?

Well, in simple terms, it does. Before you actually listen to this album, you know what to expect. Fast paced tracks that are only a few minutes long and hard to tell a part. This can be a burden to some, but it’s easy to forget. The album starts of with a quick intro track “Pre-game” nothing special at all; it’s actually the only bad track on here. The rest is either good or average. Nothing here will surprise you. That’s not necessarily a problem. Many bands nowadays call themselves thrash (Trivium, Shadows Fall, crap like that) when their actually not. This is true crossover thrash at it’s finest.

Unfortunately, there are some slip-ups here. This album is very short, only thirty-two minutes. So the experience won’t last long. This isn’t too much of a surprise coming from a band of this genre, but I wish it were a little longer. At some points, it’s also hard to notice a large difference between the tracks themselves. Once again this is part of the genre, but this could be changed and I wish it would be eventually.

Overall this is a solid record. A few stand out tracks are “The Art of Partying,” “Headbanger Face Rip,” “Chemically Altered,” and “Sadistic Magician.” The tracks I didn’t mention aren’t bad, more like average. Pick this one up if you want some good quality thrash, you won’t be surprised, but you will enjoy it.