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Raw Pseudo 80s Recording! - 90%

Catastrophic, February 5th, 2008

Every great band starts from a good first impression. That’s I what I normally think of, making me to look up for band’s old EPs and demos. This self titled EP of Municipal Waste is no short of that. This angst filled EP just rampages its way through my stereo, showing a good example of Crossover Thrash.

The first actual track starts of with a couple of hammer on to give a thrashy vibe. This is only soon to be squashed upon fast paced furious beat topped with angry screams. The next track Detention Mosh Session starts off with something that sounds as if something taken from an 80s skate video. The whole EP comes in the form of short burst of anger with lyrics spewed upon in the form of teenage screams. This may be a crossover EP but this is nowhere close you might hear from Suicidal Tendencies. The record though sounds as if it came from the same era. If it’s intentional, they really got it. The recording is very raw, giving it a pseudo 80s feel. The aggressiveness of this band is captured in this EP in an amazing way. If the band played much faster and screamed harder, they might end up with power violence. I recommend this to all hardcore fans out there who love the old school vibe.

Good tracks: Cxmxdx, Rock Hatchet Knife(Nice acoustic intro!)

Short, but Hardly Sweet - 85%

DawnoftheShred, January 3rd, 2007

This devastatingly brief self-titled EP is the proper debut of a group that just about everyone should know by now. I think I might have overstated the importance of this one a wee bit in an old review, but it’s clear even in the embryonic stages that this group was on the level and destined to bang all of the heads that certainly weren’t banging in the first half of the decade, with metalcore probably at its all-time height of power.

This surprisingly well-recorded first demo pulls no punches during its seven-minute run-time, blazing through every textbook example of thrash/hardcore crossover staples but doing so with such a genuine enthusiasm that you’ll wreck your neck and ask for seconds. I like to use the obvious comparisons for these guys… D.R.I, Suicidal Tendencies, C.O.C, Discharge and the like… because they are the most accurate and the closest to punk music that should be addressed. The riffage employed is set at this degree of intensity most of the way through, with the occasional moshable breakdown mixed in for variety. Very typical of the earliest, first-lineup Municipal Waste sound, and very enjoyable. “Thrashin’s My Business” begins a trend of cheekily titled thrash songs that this band pioneered and mastered, jumping ship before it got too goofy for its own good (see: Fueled by Fire, Thrash Bandicoot). Also worth mentioning is the band’s down-to-earth lyrical splendor: “Sick of all these bands fucking whining, what they need to do is learn to have a good time.” “Floor Score” and “Detention Mosh Session” are kinda crude and immature, but come on people, there must be music for all occasions. Show me a better example of thrash’s party-hard humorous side, and I’ll show you another album by this very band.

Not as essential as the material that follows it, but if you have the internet and dig this band (and you should), you might as well have this charmingly rough first cut.