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Municipal Waste's Magnum Opus (So far) - 98%

wearethepolice, November 12th, 2008

I’m a sucker for 80’s thrash, so I often automatically just don’t give these neo-thrash bands a chance. Who wants to hear another Exodus or Slayer, we already have enough of them around. Enter Municipal Waste’s “Hazardous Mutation”. Was this album really released in 2005? This album sounds like it could come right out of 1987, or some other year in the golden years of thrash. When I first heard of Municipal Waste, a neo-crossover band, I thought it was doomed to sound bad. I was thinking a carbon copy of something like Cryptic Slaughter’s “Convicted” or “Money Talks”, or Wehrmacht’s “Shark Attack” or “Biermacht”. In many ways, this album is heavily influenced by Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht, but you kind of have to be right? I was far wrong though – Municipal Waste sounds like many early crossover bands, but more polished and leaning much more on the thrash side than on the punk side. Early crossover records almost sounded like hardcore punk, but Municipal Waste is unmistakably thrash. (BTW I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put this but the best songs on this album are Unleash the Bastards, Bangover, and Terror Shark)

Municipal Waste definitely have a style, now anyone that listens to Municipal Waste at least a little bit will probably recognize them when they hear them. It’s like when you listen to the Beatles – even if you have only heard one or two of their songs you could probably recognize another song by them as the Beatles. The same thing I think happens with Municipal Waste. While most retro thrash bands sound like carbon copies of thrash pioneers, Municipal Waste neatly sidesteps all this and creates their own style. Now I don’t believe there are many bands out there that are truly groundbreaking, but Municipal Waste are pioneering a new style – something that could be named along the lines of retro crossover, or neo-thrash, or something like that. The influences here are pretty varied, the riffing is fast and furious thrash, similar to Megadeth, Exodus, Artillery, Sodom, etc. There are many short snippets of harmonized riffing, ex. Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, ADX, Paradox, etc. The vocals are a great thrash yell, similar to Anthrax or Slayer.

The lyrics on this release are great, ranging from topics like being bored to shark attacks to getting wasted to political statements, this album has all the lyrical matter a thrash fan could want. For example, the fun chorus on Unleash the Bastards –

“The time has come for all your leaders to die, DIE!”

Some examples of lyrical topics
Being bored -
“The chicks are passed out
And so are the dudes
I'm sitting wide-awake
And there is nothing to do
I could steal a bike or hop on a board
But my friend left his car keys
Right next to the door
Nothing left to decide
It's time for me to take the ride
This time I'm going to cross the line
And do it going 95mph”
- Blood Drive

Being murderous -
“I got some serious troubles
I have some issues
I have a big obsession
And it's for killing you!

I want to run you over
I want to stab your throat
I want you in some cement shoes
Getting thrown off of a boat!”
- Nailed Casket

To being mutated
“A deadly reaction sets forth
A hazardous mutation to end all creation is born
Pitiless fluid corroding like acid
Flesh torn!
Whose skins unprotected will soon be infected
Be warned”
- Hazardous Mutation

Also, don’t miss the intro for “Guilty of being Tight” – It’s hilarious

Anyway, If you like good fun thrash, make sure before you get up from the computer your on you get this album!