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Unleash the thrash! - 93%

cyclone, January 23rd, 2006

I'm pretty sure all of you thrashers out there know about Dark Angel's Time Does Not Heal and it's famous promo slogan »9 songs, 67 minutes, 246 riffs«. What does that have to do with this record, you say? Well, Hazardous Mutation is pretty fucking different than the 1991 classic. Even though it has 15 songs on it, Hazardous is only 26 minutes long with average song lenght at around 1:30. The riff amount though, while not quite as monstrous as on ''Time'', is still damn big, especially if you consider the year this was recorded in (2005).

Youngsters from Richmond, USA are one of those guys that have completely missed the eighties and the huge thrash scene that went on at the time. Because they are obviously quite smart, they realized that the only option they have is to revive the whole damn thing. And they have really done it. Cartoonish covers, denim jackets with patches, fun lyrics and ofcourse the kickass thrashing attitude and music – it's all here.

The before mentioned 26 minutes of thrash/crossover/whatever blaze by with great speed in no time. From the first second of the intro, one can clearly hear the main influences of this one: Nuclear Assault's Game Over, D.R.I., C.O.C. and the more hardcore influenced material of Suicidal Tendencies, because there are really so much simmilarities on here. The sound, ofcourse, is much much better on this than on those classic albums, and the cool guitar tone (crunchy and powerful) makes this record thrashier than it would be with that eighties sound. As I expected, the vocals are not even slightly technical or schooled… AND I LOVE IT! Most of the time, the vocalist spits out the words really (REALLY) damn fast and with a menacing tone. Those of you who usually whine about the lack of bass on a record (read ''bassists'') will finally get what they want on this one. The producer obviously listened to a lot of Overkill records, since the bass is very audible and even though there aren't any technical or hard lines on here it's fun to listen to. The drums are, as expected, plain and simple, but this is Municipal Waste, not Watchtower. Oh yeah, and just one more thing… I never thought you can fit a perfectly correct and asskicking thrash break into a song, that is only 1:30 minutes long. Just to let you know: I don't think that way anymore now.

If you want to have fun with lyrics about zombies, beer and thrash metal, while you're searcing a sofa suitable for ''stagediving'' off it, Hazardous Mutation is your best friend.