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Fast, Entertaining Crossover Stuff. - 87%

caspian, June 27th, 2006

A lot of crossover is pretty crappy, generally combining the worst of Hardcore and the worst of Thrash into one pile of poo. But this is one of those great exceptions. The awesome riffs of Thrash with hardcore energy and conviction. As crossover (and Metalcore) should be.

This album doesn't waste any time dicking around. Abusement Park is fast, frantic and very cool. The vocals are very hardcore influenced, just straight out shouting really, but they fit well with the rest of the band. The riffs are fast and thrashy, and while there's not too many slow riffs to talk about, that's not what this band is about. This band isn't about a cerebral experience, there's not Jazz riffs or polyrythmics, there's no long droning bits, there's just straight up, fast tunes with killer riffing. Some riffing highlights include the Bang Over, Terror Shark, Mind Eraser, and the speed fest that is Blood Drive. The drums are content to hang around in the background, and while the bass isn't particularly original, it is mixed fairly loud, which is a very good thing. Indeed, the whole production is really cool. The guitars are fairly chunky, but clean enough for their riffs to be highly audible. The drums sound great, and the bass and the vocals are all really good.

Damn, there's not really much else to say about this album. It would be cool if they made some songs a bit longer, and added some solos, but if it's not broken, why fix it? All in all it's an great CD full of powerful, thrashy riffing, frantic drumming and shouted vocals.