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Eeehhhhhhh.... - 35%

MikeyC, March 26th, 2009

Municipal Waste appear to be able to do no wrong amongst the metal crowd. All their albums have garnered positive reactions with everyone, and remain everyone’s designated “fun” band. I have no problems with that, as I can agree that they can be fun to listen to, but being fun is not the only prerequisite for a band to have, unfortunately.

I’m going to admit right now that Hazardous Mutation is the only Municipal Waste album I’ve heard, so I can’t compare it to other releases. Nevertheless, judging by what’s present here, I think I can guess within a certain respectable degree of what I could expect to hear…and that right there is the problem with this band. They are too predictable. Every song here is basically the same, with little to no variation between the songs. I’m well aware that each album in any genre of any band has some kind of monotony, but, personally, Municipal Waste takes that aspect to a ridiculous extreme.

This is mostly evident in the drumming. Every song contains your usual thrash beat. Every song. Come on man, I know you’re in a thrash band, but something a little different from time to time wouldn’t go astray! It makes every song much too banal and I’m not exactly looking forward to what he has up his sleeves as the album goes on. The riffs are not exactly boring, but they don’t quite catch me as much as they should, either. I can’t really remember any outstanding riffs from any song here. The bassist is a good player, and has a few shining moments, like in the title track, but most of the time, he’s buried beneath the rest of the instruments. This is a bit of a pity, because he’s perhaps the most interesting player here.

The vocals are quite nice, I will admit. I’m not a fan of total clean singing, but this guy has a nice sound to him, and I like his unorthodox style. However, he’s abused and overused, and by the end, I’ve basically seen what he can do and am no longer interested in his vocals anymore. Having said that, he’s a strong vocalist, but I’d like to see him in a more interesting band.

Everything here is just so straight-forward, it’s numbing. Every song seems to follow the same formula and it gets old, especially after 16 songs. This reminds me of a thrash version of Napalm Death, but said band is a little more interesting to me. I’m not rubbishing the musicians, as I think every member are very skilled at what they do, but their potential is never fully realised because the songwriting is so boring. A little variation would be nice, but it seems that not many others are on the same wavelength of thinking.

Honestly, I’ll admit it’s a fun album, and I could’ve given it a higher score for that reason alone. If I heard it somewhere, I wouldn’t turn it off, and they’re not an awful band by any means, but they’re simply too monotonous for my liking. Maybe another time, fellas.