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Original Album Release Date - 1985 - 95%

CrimsonKing, July 11th, 2006

Municipal Waste, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, are a band who have always attracted a cult following. With fans from punk and metal backgrounds, a Municipal Waste show would seem like a trainwreck. However, having seen the band, the bond between the fans, due to the overall fun value of the music, is quite overwhelming.

When I first heard this album the first thing I thought was "THIS band released 'Waste Em' All'!". This album was surely 100x more metal then they've ever sounded, and I couldn't have loved it any more. The enitre album is a flashback to the 80's when the predominant metal fashion was high tops, tight black jeans, and sleeveless shirts. This band is a circle-pitting assault!

With songs like "Unleash the Bastards" and "Mind Eraser", its obvious that these guys like to have fun with their music. Lyrics like "14 Shots some beers as a chaser followed it up with a mind eraser" capture the essence of partying, and just having a good time. They are the premier metal party band.

This album is an essential for fans of thrash. I have a feeling this band will not get "posed out" or lose their songwriting ability, they will forever remain true to their roots, being that they've been somewhat local for close to 10 years. Buy this album!