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Sickness with Potential - 64%

MikeBelial, January 29th, 2006

Out of Costa Rica come Mummification. This is a band that seems intent on making music of a churning in sewage Death Metal style with a hint of gore and doom. The music is medium is speed and filled with a double vocal attack of deep gurgles and Grindcore discharging. Every now and then the vocalist hit’s a John Tardy abyss as if he is pulling your intestinal track out in front of your eyes and showing you the carnage with a devilish “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH.”

The guitars have some slow Slayer style melodies, but the rest of it is all a locomotive of disgusting riffs at midrange tone and middle of the layer pace. The bass keep the pace like a mauled slice of brain tissue and the drums are mean. Other cool aspects are the screams and shouts of victims of misery in the music. Overall the mix and production are not bad for a demo, but I wish I could here what is going on a bit more clearly.

As a whole I’d recommend this band. They have real potential to make you sick and the music is good too. As it stands they are currently unsigned. Hopefully a label will pick them up that way I can hear a full length debut or EP.