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Wow, Dream Theater Without the Wankery - 98%

PowerProg_Adam, April 22nd, 2003

Mullmuzzler is an extremely talented band, however they do know their limitations. This album does not have any long instrumental breaks, so if you like that, then stay away from this album. If you really like James LaBrie's voice, then Keep It To Yourself is the perfect album for you. Out of any albums that he's been on, in my opinion, this is his best vocal performance.
Highlight of the album:
His Voice is not an overly powerful song, but LaBrie adds a bit of an edge to it, not really singing it all that melodic, but for some reason it works for this song. Very well written lyrically and pretty decent track.

Statued is absolutely perfect. It has the technicality of a Dream Theater song, without the length. Extremely catchy chorus and also probably the heaviest song on the album.

Beelzebubba is a pretty hilarious song with its lyrics. Its basically a verbal assault on Bill Clinton. Some of this song gets a bit annoying, but the parts sung by LaBrie are remarkable. This is one song that won't want to leave your head. Its definately memorable.

Guardian Angel is one of the different songs on the album. For much of the album the instrumentation is extremely competent, but nothing over virtuistic. The guitar solo to this song would make John Petrucci proud. The song is very well written, but is also rather melodic. Its one of my personal favorites.

Slow Burn is not a song for you metal elitists. It remains to be the lone pure ballad. Its very heartfelt and has some great vocal work, but not for those who don't like lighter music.

The final track, As A Man Thinks is one of the best vocal performances as well. It opens with LaBrie singing his own high pitched backing vocals. This song towards the middle has hints of jazz fusion, so once again, if you don't like that, then just shut the cd off halfway through the song.

For fans of Dream Theater, this album is essential. If you don't like the genre, don't waste your time thinking that this will be an extremely heavy album, because it isn't. Those who are fascinated with the wonders of the human voice, LaBrie definately has some chops to check out here.