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Mulla > لماذا لا ترى ذلك > Reviews
Mulla - لماذا لا ترى ذلك

Raw atmosphere - 78%

Paganbasque, October 3rd, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Careless Records (Digipak)

The presumably Iraqi project Mulla returns with its sophomore album entitled ‘لماذا لا ترى ذلك’, just a few months after its debut opus and the subsequent solid EP. It seems that this project has tons of compositions to share with its growing fan-base. For the ones who haven´t check out their previous stuff, Mulla plays a quite raw form of black metal, tinged with some Arabic influences and a underlying atmospheric touch. This combination has captivated many fans who want to listen to something atmospheric yet extremely raw.

As Mulla`s debut album was pretty well received, with its solid mixture of raw black metal and an inherent atmosphere behind the superficial fury, the second full-length follows similar patterns. The production is very close to those low-fi black metal bands, but with a more solid and packed sound. The remarkably distorted high-pitched vocals clearly appear in the front of the mix, followed by the fuzzy guitars and below all, the drums, which maybe should should higher in the mix, although they are still audible. The album is opened by an Arabic chant as part of a mid-tempo raw black metal song, which actually serves as a long introduction of the album. The second composition could be defined as the real first one, with its longer length and the expected mixture of fast parts and slower sections, which in this occasion are the dominating ones. The most interesting aspect of this song is the guitar solo, which has a undoubtedly Arabic influence, something that I really like and what makes this band quite recognizable. The third track ‘لماذا لا ترى ذلك’, has a clearly faster pace with a quite homogenous rhythm, only broken by certain slower sections here and there. This variation is a welcomed touch as eight minutes of monotonous pace may be too much if you don´t add even the slightest change. The strongest and most interesting moments of this band come when they add those Arabic influences, which can be in the form a short arrangement or the aforementioned guitar solo or riff. This happens in the second track, and for example, also in the fourth track. This addition is always a enriching point as it makes the composition more unique and attractive. Apart from that we won´t find much more to discover, something that has not be something intrinsically bad, because what Mulla offers is something quite elemental, but well-constructed. Although I would welcome more varied touches and influences, these compositions are still enjoyable and have something hypnotic, which is the key factor to create compositions that attract people. Black metal is a genre with multitude of different approaches, although it remains a primordial raw nature that Mullla has understood. Taking this simple formula Mulla slightly enriches it with this Arabic influence, creating a formula where the project is quite comfortable.

In conclusion, Mulla’s sophomore album ‘لماذا لا ترى ذلك’ doesn´t discover any new ground for the project, but continues exploiting the formula with a bunch of a pretty enjoyable songs, which still make this project’s sound recognizable and addictive. An achievement which is not that easy to get.