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Muert - Haeresis

Muert - Haresis - 84%

Edmund Sackbauer, July 21st, 2023
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Immortal Frost Productions (Limited edition)

I have become familiar with Canary Island based two men black/death/war metal bulldozer through their split with obscure Finnish black metal band Perisynti, released on Schattenkult in 2022.Roughly around the same time they released their fourth full length album “Haeresis” which is pretty similar in style and tone to what they offered on the split. The purpose of a review, in my opinion, is always to give an opinion about a piece of music so that others can get an idea of its content. In the case of the more extreme sub-genres of metal, that often involves clerical noise from hell and Muert offer anything but a traditional “pleasant” listening experience.

The opener Metal “Metal ¡Enajenación!” comes immediately very abrasive out of the gates and attacks with hellish noise that the two band members Guayota and Ebola perform in ritualistic style. Necrotic black/death metal makes its way through my headphones, and of such a nature that I wonder if my headphones are fine, as the distortion and buzzing overdrive is insane. The sharp and shrill black metal creams of Ebola are very intense and dictate the songs. Nevertheless, the guitars and drums remain quite audible. Fast drum rolls and dark guitar riffs accompany the whole thing.

The sound mix is deranged and seems intentionally full of ugly flaws. Hiccups and distortions are noticeable in just about every song. The distortion level and the loudness controllers must have constantly been within the red area during the recording process. There also seems to be slight differences between the various songs in terms of tuning and how the tone of the guitars and drums combines. In any case, it cannot have been the intention to make a pleasant listening record, but create a nasty and ultimately raw piece of disgusting metal. Now this type of music should of course sound dirty and gritty, but it could become a bit much for some. Therefore, I would only put this on occasionally.

There is a constant level of interaction between the rhythm and the lead guitar. In every track the drums execute many crushing blows and pulverizing double bass. There is nothing really soft about this record. Maybe some sections, where things are slowed down a bit, implementing a few rotten and occult patterns. However, most of the time it is pedal to the metal with the rhythm section showing no mercy. Macabre melodies and sick samples are running like a red thread through the album. Despite its chaotic nature you will start to pick up some clever variations during consecutive listens.

Despite sounding absolutely raw and disgusting the production is surprisingly transparent. The bass can be heard without a problem, despite the loud and buzzing guitar tone. There is a nice punch to the music, although being soaked in putridity. The cover artwork is absolutely amazing with the physical editions coming in typical Immortal Frost Productions quality. If you are looking for a devastating and crushing piece of musical brutality you might just have found a new favorite here. “Haeresis” might not be a real standout, but if played in the right circumstances it definitely does its job.